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Is the G8 GT 50-state legal?

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Having trouble finding a silver G8 here in California, so it looks like i'm going to have to buy out of state and bring it here and get it smogged. I'm curious if the GT is 50-state legal, or just 49-state.

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Found one! Pick it up tomorrow morning!!!!!
Congrats! So you were able to find a MS G8? I couldnt find any within 1000 miles of Texas.
Picked it up this morning. Silver 2009 G8 GT, both packages and moonroof. Owned by a 76 year old man who only put 4500 miles on it since Nov. 2008. Kept it in the garage under a bedsheet. Never been hand washed. Never smoked in. No one in the back seat [till my wife sat back there today]. Never been over 75ish except once when he took it to 90. I busted that out today [plus 20].

I'm gonna baby this car. Just need to do something about bluetooth for the phone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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