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Intro - Chad B

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Guys/Gals, its good to be part of the forum. Thanks for the add.

I just purchased an 09 Whitehot GT less than 24hrs ago. I had to drive 4 hrs to get it in West Virginia but I got the exact car I wanted so it was well worth it. It's a 1 owner car purchased from the dealer who originally sold it and has maintained all the service records. 29k miles with every option but bluetooth.

I come from a long line of import cars, please don't hold that against me. Most recently I had an 04 mitsu evolution making 408 awhp on stock turbo -

It was a blast to drive and the two years I had it were maintenance free which was a blessing. Before that I had a heavily modded 98 Eclipse turbo making 386 fwhp. That thing was a monster on the highway but like all dsm's it was a heap of trouble and was on jack stands almost as much as it was on the road. I've also owned an a talon, a s13, a maxima, a sentra, a Z...really too many to name. I'm an enthusiast, I think i've painted that picture.

Luckily one of my best friends is an EFI live tuner and GM Mastertech so when I start to mod the car I have someone to give me a hand. My plans for the car to begin with are to buy the exact rims that Blown09GT runs (if you see this please PM me with the model and brand of those rims..they give me wood). In the not so distant future a H/C/E package will be purchased so this thing can have some reliable HP gains. Im trying to avoid the temptation to throw a progressive timer and a 100 shot on it. This is my family hauler so at the moment I don't plan to go too crazy with this car. Once the bug bites me....who knows.

Thanks for the space and I look forward to getting to know some of you.
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