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Coming Soon: Our First Campaign at BringPontiacBack.org
Posted on May 4, 2011 by Christopher Price

Yes, there are multiple people on the team. Some have been working behind the scenes, and we’ve been tinkering (for quite awhile) on our first major campaign.

We’ve been thinking of ways to tout to GM that Pontiac should re-emerge, while the government still owns stock in GM. This has been a touchy issue. The government of today simply does not like Pontiac, and what it stands for.

As such, we had to craft a campaign that would create an image for Pontiac that would both be acceptable to, one, us, and two, the government (as well as GM leadership, of course).

We think we’re about there. Right now we’re working on a web site to back it up. We’ve gotten some great ideas both from our team, and from some people in the automotive industry. We’ll be rolling it out in a couple of weeks… but we’re doing stuff in order, so the Forums will fully roll out first.

One final thing, this will be a letter campaign. We’re going to try and be a bit innovative, and make this as painless as possible for you to hit the print button, and put a few stamps on a few envelopes.

Want to stay updated on all the important news bits, and how you’ll be able to help? Sign up for our Petition & Support List.
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