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Important message to all G8 owners - National Parts Back Order

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I purchased a 2006 Pontiac GTO in Jan of 07 only to trade it in later for a 2009 G8 GT I purchased in April of 09.

I'm as serious as road warrior gets. After 7 months, I put 22,000 miles on my vehicle and haven't had one serious problem until recently. The Check engine light came on. I took the car in Oct 28. While waiting for the car, I asked the dealer how much a roto-fab costs. The Pontiac dealer had one in stock and gave me a good deal, so I had it put on after they fixed the problem with the CEL. The dealer said they just removed the gas cap and put it back on and the light went out. Problem solved....not exactly.

Two weeks later, the CEL came on again only this time it stayed on, no matter how many cold restarts and no matter how many times I verified the gas cap was on correctly. Nov 16, 2009 I took it in, the dealer could not figure out what was wrong with it until Wed Nov 18. They had removed the entire exhaust, the drive axle and dropped the gas tank...so they could get to a faulty vent valve canister.

Here it is Nov 30 and still no word from GM or my Pontiac dealer, my parts are on NATIONAL PARTS BACK ORDER. Every few days I call the dealer and its the same response "we don't know when it will be here GM has recycled the order a few times and we don't have any ETA when the parts will be available".

The last time I visited the dealer my car looked like a permanent fixture in a car museum, up on the rack with its insides all out on the ground.

What a shame, the G8 GT is such a great car to drive and own, but the National Parts Back Order Fiasco is worse than people realize.

At least the dealer was kind enough to give me a rental. I guess I'll just keep driving this unsatisfying rental car (Impala) until I get my car back. I miss my XM radio. I miss my G8 GT like a parent and misses their child.
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Sorry for your pain. I just hit 10,000 miles and got the CEL the other day. I doubled checked my gas cap and it went out. Thanks for sharing this information. After about three months or so my splashguards came in at the dealership! Parts move slow for this vehicle.

I hope the upcoming Chevy Police car helps to get the parts inventory in gear soon.
I just got word

The dealer said "your National we don't know where your part" is guaranteed delivery for tomorrow.WOHOO.

I was lucky, two Vibes are up on the rack and have been there for over two months waiting for a fuel filter from a parts dealer that went out of business.
Apparently the Vibes have fuel filters that are cracking and leaking fuel and GM has to go with a different fuel filter to work on the Vibe.
I waited six weeks for GXP rear valance for my GT. I've been waiting since the first week in Sept for the gas cap replacement. I too had the CEL light but have not had it return.
Bad news again..GM dropped the ball

My part did not come in today when it was guaranteed delivery by 10:30am. OH well, I guess I'll just keep driving the rental. Who knows when the part will arrive. The parts manager is pissed at GM and rightfully so.

I never missed a car as much as I miss my G8 GT.
All I want for christmas is MY DAMN CAR. Still driving the rental
impala rental makes me think of "days of thunder" race to dinner scene.

my mother inlaw had a pesky CEL with her 09GT, turned out to be a dum gas cap.
i dont know whats up with GM parts sometimes, i waited over a month for a new frame on a 2009 denali i had at work to come in.
I got my car back and three months later its the gas cap. Guess what, I'm not driving a rental this time, I'll just deal with it until the dumb replacement cap comes in. LOL.
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