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Hey guys and gals, i posted about 2 weeks ago about my acquisition of an 09 G8 GT. Shortly after taking it out for a spin (without the salesman chewing off my ear for the duration of the original test ride) I heard a growl when negotiating curves to the right, not like a tire but rather a hub bearing. Pissed off that my new to me car has problems (GM certified pre-owned checklist is equivalent to toilet paper, worse than the cheap sh*t at work kind). Well wouldn't you know it the dealer diagnosed the left front hub bearing (that was my first guess too) needed to be special ordered (no big we got a loaner) Kinda shocked though seeing how this used to be a Pontiac dealership. Picked the car up last friday night after repairs... same noise no better.. drop it off saturday morn.. Service manager calls me, They gotta get another bearing, there is a problem with the one they installed. anyhow enough chatter.

Has anyone had issues with hub bearings in these cars?
Has anyone had issues with new OEM bearings bad out the box?
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