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How do I buy a new Pontiac below invoice?

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I went to this site and they gave me the best rebates / incentives on my new Pontiac. I just found the new model I was looking for and it shows all of the rebates and incentives on all their new vehicles. I was a little skeptical about the new incentives and rebates, but I submitted my information and was contacted in 3 days later by a dealer who was in the next town over, and who was able to save me $6,500 in rebates, incentives, and from knowing the dealer secrets on my new Pontiac. They will send you free information to your email and you bring that into the dealer and get pretty much better than employee pricing on your new vehicle, plus I got a huge rebate. Any dealer will sell you a new car or truck at invoice if you negotiate the proper deals and this email told me exactly how to negotiate with the Pontiac dealer when buying a new car. I showed my salesman this printed out paper, and I was able to buy a new Pontiac below invoice. Check out the site below if you are in the market for a new Pontiac, it will save you a ton of money and the information is free.
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