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THE Houston Goat Herd.
We'd also like to extend an invite to the Houston G8s.

Twin Peaks Meet

Sunday, July 22nd - Noon

Twin Peaks in Webster
20931 Gulf Freeway Frontage Road
Webster, TX 77598

Why: Because the HGH is due for a great get-together! If the G8s come out, we could have one hell of a Holden showing.

As I said in the HGH BS Thread, I've spoken with the manager, and he is definitely looking to help us out. He is going to print out some banners for us to have up while we're there. I'm going to email him and see if he can get them to say something with HGH and/or Houston Goat Herd on them. Does anyone else have something GTO-related we could hang up? How about some G8 people? Yall have anything you'd like to put up?

He is also going to post up the event on Twin Peaks's facebook page, and possibly advertise it at the restaurant. The guy's name is Kevin, and he was extremely helpful today. With his help, we could have a damn good setup.

Hopefully, we can get people to sign up early, so we can give him a good idea of how many parking spaces to save for us. Once this day comes, I'll probably get there early and set down those HGH cones (Richard, let me know if and when I can pick those up!).

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What time are you planning on this event? I am in Sugar Land so would like to stop in.
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