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Houston Coffee & Cars - July

Please join us this Saturday morning, July 7th,
for our monthly Coffee & Cars Houston gathering.

Where: Vintage Park

When: Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Who: Everyone!

Time: 8AM to 10AM

110 Vintage Park Blvd
Houston, TX 77070-4048

Once again this Saturday morning we will gather at Vintage Park for Coffee & Cars Houston. If you didn't make it to our June get-together, it was one of our best ever. Between the Risi Competizione race Ferraris, and the Houston Roller Derby members, there was something for everyone. The turnout of vehicles was phenomenal. As always, for each of you who brought out a vehicle, we are thankful.

Our Rules of Engagement can be downloaded here, and if you've not read it, please do. It outlines the "Do's and Don't's" of Coffee & Cars. Let me restate a few items here though: *THE* *ONLY places we're allowed to park are in the lots*. Not on the grass, not in the fire lanes, and unless you have a handicap placard, not in the handicap spots. *DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS*. *DO NOT DOUBLE PARK IN THE THROUGH SECTIONS OF THE LOTS*. This creates traffic problems and safety issues. We have asked this repeatedly and obviously we are not reaching the folks who park there, so if you see someone parking on the grass, please ask them to move their vehicle.

Please be extra conscious of Salon customers trying to get in and out of the parking spots. These shops have regular customers who technically pay the rent for us to have Coffee & Cars. Observe the orange cones set out for them, and if possible, help them into the parking spots.

We will continue to have collection boxes for those who would like to make a voluntary contribution towards the expenses of Coffee & Cars Houston. Last month we were nearly able to meet our costs for the month, which include our HPD officers (we now require four officers) and trash boxes, among other things. We endeavor to keep this a "free" get-together, and have not allowed it to become commercialized. That is why you see no banners or items for sale. If you would like to contribute a few bucks toward our expenses, please locate the collection box.

Also, do not be surprised to see Houston Roller Derby club members on hand.

The number of shops and stores opening earlier just for us has increased. These include Cheeburger Cheeburger, All About Feet, Coco's, Starbucks of course and LAVO Collections.

We have increased the number of trash boxes through out the site. There should be trash boxes on most all corners. Please use these.

As with last month, while the parade of cars leaving our gathering is extraordinary (where else in the area would you see this?), if you need to make a quicker exit, please use the site exits out the back and sides. There's no point sitting 30 minutes overheating your engine and yourself, waiting to get out to Louetta. Saturday morning will be no doubt be warm. There is no reason to overheat your engine (or patience).

We have no tolerance for burnouts, either entering and leaving Vintage Park. This can end our ability to have Coffee & Cars faster than anything else. And that includes not just the site, but also all of the roads leading out of the general area (yes, even the feeder road to 249). Further, once you've left Vintage Park, do not cruise back and forth in front of it. This just adds to the traffic congestion.

On this month of July, let us remember how lucky we are to live in a country in which it is possible to own and operate a vast variety of vehicles, and also to get together and enjoy each other's machines. Thanks to everyone for helping make Coffee & Cars one of the largest successful gatherings of its kind in the country.

See you Saturday morning!
Jorge Verdejo
Houston Coffee & Cars
Houston Coffee and Cars

This event is always fun... G8's show up in DRONES.... about 20 + @ one time i noticed... Get there as soon as you can.

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Hi, I'm a newbie G8 owner and would like to know more about Coffee & Cars...I work in the EMS field and unfortunately due to my shift rota, I may not be able to attend every month but would love to attend as much as possible......
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