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First of all, I would like to say what up since I am new.

I am looking at buying an 08 G8 GT. I had never driven one until the other day and I just fell in love. It has 38k miles on it and all leather, fully loaded...no sunroof. The one problem with the car that the dealership will fix if I decide to buy it but when you use your bright lights the car honks. If you pull the lever toward you it honks but if you push the lever forward the bright lights go on but the car honks continously until you shut brights off. So I am assuming the previous owner had something done to it as far as work and someone got some wiring messed up.....????? I want to know if I buy this car if it is worth it. I also want to know if these cars hold up and run good or if they are alot of maintenance??? The previous owner took off all Pontiac symbols front and back. the carfax shows it had a "minor" wreck which is assumingly a fender bender. Thanks in advance,
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