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:)With fuel prices the way they are, every gallon of mileage increased is a big deal to me. Based on the idea of Fuel Management running only on 4s...... I had the idea that the G8 will get 30 miles per gallon like the Honda Civics.

Clockwise and estimates, our G8s get around 23-24, Hiway. 2 months ago, it clocked in 23 at 70 mph.

Just this past week, I purchased the Fuel Additive ETHOS. 1 ouce of Ethos for every 10 gallon. I tried it just this past weekend...... did a Highway trip and measured.

At one point, the Digital Gauge was showing 29 and even 30 at 69 mph. I did a constant Reset and measure. I feel the ETHOS has done the Fuel Burning much good. Man, I can't say how accurate the readings are, but was impressive with the Ethos mixed and kicked in with the fuel.

The Ethos additive is not inexpensive. You should purchase on Ebay for the best price.

Any of you with better MPG than 29 or like to share your knowledge about G8 EPA?

If the readings are accurate enough, why own a Honda for Freeway driving when you can roll in G8 Comfort.

By the way, the Ethos is a substance that expand the fuel molecule for clean burn and expansion.

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