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Hey Everyone!!!

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I am a new G8 GT owner, I purchased my G8 in January of 2009 and its a 2009 model fully loaded. I love the car and the power it has and truely that it is a sleeper.

My other car that I have is a 2004 Mustang Cobra 40th Ann. and a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Pick up Truck love them all also.

I am very happy that I chose the G8 instead of the Challanger due to some problems that I am hearing about, so I cant be any happier
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Welcome. Have you just gotten home recently. I know you can spit at Fort Hood from there. Used to be stationed there from 1991-1992. I got mine on 17 MAR 09 and am still in new car euphoria mode.
I test drove a Challenger R/T on a couple different occasions trying to figure out my next car purchase. Here's the weird thing:

We I fist got the "sickness" over 30 years ago the story on Mopars was: great drive trains, awful fit and finish, awful interiors and truck suspensions.

As the conclusion of my Challenger test drives my conclusions: great drive train, awful fit and finish, awful interior and a truck suspension.

The more things change...
Welcome!! I too test drove the Challenger before buying my GXP. Not a bad ride but I couldn't find the SRT8 with an M6 anywhere. I saw one but it was black (the only color I wouldn't buy). Ended up with the GXP and absolutely love it!! I am sure you will be very pleased with your new car.
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