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okay so I am new to this forum and the G8 community however I do have a few questions that no one seems to answer. Just for clarification I am some what of a noob to car mods however I know one or two things.

1. what is best CAI? (i have been seeing vera seems to give most horse power however doesnt this pull heat from the radiator? Or is the Roto the better system?)

2. Can the scoops be opened up or is there something special needed for this and is it a good idea with a CAI if it is possible?

3. I saw something on ebay that said the roto was making a true ram air system for the intake, is this true?

4. I have been looking online and have been seeing pictures and I am wondering does the g8 GT come with two different types of exhaust tips because i have the two circular ends but have seen some with the square? Or am I just a jackass lol?

5. Any who has the SLP "power flow" exhaust.... how loud is this inside the vehicle. I want to get my exhaust done however I dont want this so loud on the inside I cant have conversation!!

Thanks for all the help from everyone!!
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