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As you all can see, I have a 2008 Pontiac G8 GT "Liquid Red" with black interior, both premium and sport packages, dealer pinstripe :) , window tint, and the red/black leather shifter. I got it 3-20-08 and ever since I've been hooked by the quality and performance of this daily driver.

I used to have a 96 z28 with a few bolt ons but I would have to shell out money to get it faster than my best 13.9. It also needed a few replacement parts. Now don't get me wrong I LOVED THAT FBODY (many good memories), but it has been in a few accidents and it is aging. This G8 is more comfortable, more user friendly, and is even quicker out of the box (12 years can do alot).

I love this G8! Can't say it enough. Here in Jacksonville I was told I was the second person to purchase a G8. Everywhere I get looks and heads hanging out of windows :p ! It's a great look with out being too overwhelming, but people are interested. My car was 35k out the door (even the 888#31). Worth every penny! Sure the GXP is an amazing car, but the price is unobtainable for me. Having the car is half the fun, the other half is the wonderful world of aftermarket performance :D !

Here are some pictures of the car just before it rolled off the showroom floor!

First bath! The red screams in the sun light :cool: !

Thanks for reading,
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Sweet ride man! Thanks for posting up pics!!
That looks awesome man! I bet the red looks nice in the sun. It is funny that the pictures never do the finish justice! HAHA. Thanks for the pics!

Any new owners should post pics up of their new babies.
Yeah...I'm loving that action!! Red Rocks!!! Ahh....someday!!!

Nice ride!!! Enjoy!!!

maybe I'll get a ride in Ihawks car

me...I'm waiting for the UTE

and trying to talk my son into the G8 over an Altima
i recognize that nimnicht showroom. will be looking for you around jax. great ride!
Welcome to the forum, whats your first mod going to be ;)
Thanks for the props. dascrow, I think I'll get an intake and a tune. I drove my Camaro with headers, no cats, and an American Thunder series Flowmaster cat back for 85k miles. It was loud!!! Now, I love the quiet exhaust! If they can make a performance cat back for the G8 that is mild, I'd get it.

maybe I'll get a ride in Ihawks car

me...I'm waiting for the UTE

and trying to talk my son into the G8 over an Altima
You may get a ride in one sooner than you think!

Gotta stay away from the dealer so I'm not tempted!

Edit - of course I had to go look it up. I see there is Liquid Red 1st 888 about 1/2 hr from me in Normal, IL. Must resist temptation to see it! Must!!! Temptation is strong...taking over...need to run errands anyway! Might end up in Bloomington/Normal!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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