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GXP Brakes

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I can buy direct replacement GXP Brembo brakes from GM for a very reasonable price. That would include Calipers, Brake pads and rotors. I was at the track last week and a guy with a GXP had the 18" all season wheels on to drive it to the track. So will the GXP Calipers and rotors fit on my GT? Has anyone tried this?
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I have been told (not verified) that the spindles are different enough that the brakes would not just bolt up. I was also under the impression that 18" would not fit over Brembos. Maybe they fit (obviously they fit) but not with what engineers determine to be sufficient clearance.
Good chance fronts will fit fine. Got a dealer friend working on this and he sees no issues fitting to car. Next up will be fitting first candidate.
Sure. You will need both rotors and calipers. The rotors will fit, but you'll need brackets to mount your callipers to suit. brembo brakes are ok but theses are better IMO
Brembo calipers are fixed and don't require any brackets for mounting, the mounting is integrated into the caliper housing.
Do a search on any other G8 board to find many people who have done this upgrade. Quite easy actually...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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