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GT or GXP?

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I test drove a 6sp GXP yesterday then drove a friends gt auto. both are very nice. I don't know if i'd rather buy a gt then buy the supercharger for it or buy the GXP because it is gonna be more "rare". also i want to pay cash for whatever i buy so i'm gonna sell off some of my old cars.
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It's certainly up to you. I went with the GXP because of the 6 speed manual tranny. I probably would have been happy with the 6.0 litre engine in the GT but the tranny was the selling point for me. I know that whichever one you get, you'll be extremely happy!! Good luck with your decision!!
My main concern was really driven by depreciation and this is an opinion only and may not hold up over time: I have concerns, based on Pontiac's demise, about the ability of these cars to hold their value and I wouldn't even pull the trigger on the GT until I got the right number. I bought an untitled demo (5,000 miles) from Beck & Masten at a greatly reduced price which (when combined with the 0% interest) should go a long way towards mitigating a significant drop in market value. Because there are so many fewer GXP's (about 50 GXP's in the large Texas markets compared to over 400 GT's for the same market) I simply could not secure a significant enough discount. When you combined that with my "guess" that gas prices could be very high again soon and the elevated insurance costs, I bought a GT. For me it was just a better choice for a "daily driver".

Now, if at the time the next model years are released, there are any unsold 09 GXP's; you maybe able to get the same kind of deal on one that I just got on the GT.
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According to my dealer, there will not be any 2010 G8's or Solstices.
I'd want an automatic G8 V8 so I'd go for the GT and if I needed more power I'd slap a supercharger on it..

For approximately 7 grand installed you should be able to put out 480 Rear wheel hp..with a supercharger...no headers etc..just the supercharger..

Id want an automatic transmission in the G8 GT..

As far as residual values being a determining factor? I don't think you will see either being big winners but cars rarely are..

Especially in this environment..

I think you can get better deals on the G8 GT's..so the money not spent upfront would be the biggest benefit..

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