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Get a GXP?

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I want some honest input...
Been shopping for awhile..want a G8..know what I want to do to it mods etc...
found a GXP...wanted a GT...but can get it in my price ...car does however have some miles...

Performance in the car is stellar...
Obviously guy bought a GXP so he ran it some...should I worry that the guy has ragged it out? He said it's never seen the track..?

What should my concerns or considerations be before I buy this car...
Is the extra fuel and needing premium gas worth the extra expense of the gxp over gt (stupid question I know!)

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I love my GXP. I tested the GT and the GXP. There is a noticable difference in the two cars with respect to three driving characteristics. (1) accelleration is clearly superior (2) Braking is clearly superior (3) Handling and suspension are clearly superior. Yes, in my opinion the extra $$ for premium fuel is well worth it for the better driving experiance. Remember, the GXP beat the BMW at Nurburgering.
I agree. The independent rear suspension makes the GXP handling stellar, along with the Brembo brakes. Another point is that you get an LS3 power plant. I'm an "off-the-shelf" guy so to me there is no doubt about the added performance and handling of a GXP. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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