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As the saying goes, "It's all over but the crying." Edmunds is reporting that their source inside General Motors has let slip that the Pontiac brand will officially be eliminated. The announcement is expected to be made next Monday as a part of a more thorough reorganization of the struggling automaker.

General Motors PR rep Tom Wilkinson told Edmunds that he could not share any information but that media should keep an eye on the company's news website for updates.

Rumors have circulated since the initial stages of GM's viability plan that both Pontiac and GMC would be cut and it looks like the Pontiac rumors may finally be true - despite GM's continued insistence that the brand is safe.

Pontiac is well-known as the most exciting of GM's brands with cars like the GTO, Firebird, Grand Prix (GTP) and now the G8 achieving iconic status.

The loss of the brand might be a necessary evil for General Motors but it could also come back to haunt them if another manufacturer purchased the name.

More: General Motors to Eliminate Pontiac Brand on Monday on AutoGuide.com
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