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G8 ST from Downunder

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Well I just bought my G8 nosed SSV Ute, a manual in black of course. She will be fitted with all the right badging to make her a G8 ST. I also own a 68 GTO and a 79 TA and this was my only chance in Australia to ever buy a brand new Pontiac (sorta). look forward to posting some pics after i get home from this deployment.


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Aaron, I am incredibly jealous of you! I still really wish that we had gotten the G8 ST over here too. I would love to have bought one as my tow vehicle! Please post the pictures when you can. Seeing them will drive me crazy, but I love these cars. We really could have used a Ute over here!
No worries, will take heaps of photos.....all I need now is the center of the steering wheel and the actual G8 badge to finish the full G8 ST clone.

6 weks til I get her.....tick tock
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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