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Hello, new member here. Currently in the market for a new daily driver, looking for a 2009 premium sport G8 GT, prefer low miles. :)

I'm a huge car enthusiast, GM fan, and a huge Pontiac gearhead. I've got a few other rides, and some may know me from other forums.

1938 Pontiac 2dr sedan project
1977 Pontiac Bonneville 400, 2dr my grandpa bought new (my 1st car). 6 option car, 400/4bbl/posi.
1991 Trans Am GTA, my 2nd car... first car I ever bought. I've had it since 1999, currently runs 9.85 @ 139 on a 1.37 at 3750lbs. Nitrous 402 LS2, T56, and a 9".
1999 Trans Am convertible. My current daily driver... has 243k on it right now. Stock untouched original motor! T56 and 4.10's too.

I've got a few other rides too, but those are the Pontiacs. :)

I look forward to doing some research on here and meeting some people... hope to find a car as well.

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