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G8 Meeting in Ottawa...

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This is a call out to all G8's in Ottawa! I have had my car for almost a year now and have only seen a handful of G8's in the city and only had the chance to speak quickly with two owners.

Before the snow flies I'd like to arrange a quick meet with any members in the area.

I was thinking that meeting at an existing meeting place might be best but I'm open to suggestions. The M&M (Merivale and Meadowlands) weekly meet has been suggested and might be convenient if everyone is familiar with it. Assuming it is still running I would put forward October 28th, 2011. If that doesn't work then any centrally located pub/restaurant with a good parking lot will do.

Let me know who is interested!
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True enough. G8 sightings in the city are far and few between.

I am all for getting together with other members at any time. Only problem is, first sign of really bad weather, I put my baby away untill the spring.

If conditions hold out, I will be there.
We had a great time with 6 G8's showing up. Looks like we have a more active Ottawa scene on the 'other' forum. Hopefully that will change!
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