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G8 L76-LS6 cam swap details

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Did a ton of reading about different cam options and wanted to throw in my 2 cents-I wanted a good idling cam that was affordable. I installed in an LS6 cam and valve springs- replacing the valve seals with stock seals for the L76. The cam required a new cam gear #12586481 &. 3 retaining bolts#12556127. We replaced the lifter trays with 4- #12595365, the valley cover with #12570471- completely removed the old dod cover and sealed the connector- you will need to turn off the dod feature- I accomplished this with a Cortex tuner using a 93 octane tune and advanced settings. You will need to replace the dod lifters- I used 8 additional l76 non-dod lifters. The head gaskets and bolts need to be replaced- don't reuse the head bolts!. Replace the crank bolt -#12557840.
Car idles smoothly, no ses light, no stall converter required. I have the stock air intake and replaced the mufflers cat back so this car is quiet. Power is terrific- by my guesstimates its pushing about 435 at the flywheel. Total cost was under 300.00
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Can you point me in the right direction to purchase these items
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