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G8-control arms? Problems solved?

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Am from Montreal Canada. Actually drove a G6-2008, 3.5 L sedan SE ( 70,000 KLM/ 43 K miles). Having a certain insterest for the G8 (base 3.6 L or GT 6 L). I looked at different sites and reviews 'bout it. Saw that 38,159 units has been sold in U.S. from years 2008 and 2009. G8 were sold in Canada only for 2009, but no sales data found for this only year. By the way, from my research, as per today, it seem that there's only 28 Pontiac G8 (3.6 L and 6 L combined) for sale in the whole Canada. G8 production has ceased in July 09.
I saw that one major recurring problem is those defective control arms (upper and lower). some owners state that they changed them 3 times by having always the same nois and clunk. There was no recall from GM. Only a kind of service bulletin. Also from what i saw on G8 forums or other car reviews (Ex: Edmonds) are back from years 2008, 2009 and early 2010. Since we are almost in 2013, my question is: is GM found a solution for those defective suspension parts? Do they at one point arrive with a new part. If we combine U.S. and Canada together, there should certainly be over 40,000 G8 on the road. Answers and feedbacks will be appreciated. Best regards-JML
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Welcome fellow Montrealer

I bought a G8 base model last April and I love it - no issue with the control arms, I brought it to the dealer in July for a recall issue with the airbag sensor, had an issue with the CD player skipping but that's it. Looking forward to see how it handles in the winter - good car to own, people think it looks like a bimmer from far! ;)
I am in California and I own a 2009 G8 GT. I had an annoying rattle in the right front. The local dealer tried to find it more than once, but could not. They told me, according to technical bulletins, that my car did not have any suspension issues. I didn't believe them. I took the car to a Suspension specialist. It took him about an hour to determine the rattle was coming from the right front upper strut mount. Replaced the mount and the rattle disappeared. Left mount was fine. Hope this helps.
Well I had a some clucking in the front end
replace both Strut mounts with KYB ones
it got better but still had a little clucking
Replaced all 4 sway bar links again got better but still something there

any thoughts
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