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G.O.N.E. 2012 Official Announcement!

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Thank you everyone for your patience with this, and a HUGE THANK YOU to Zepcom for being the IT Guru who has sorted thru all the issues we have experienced to get this rolling! We now have a PayPal business site set up which should eliminate any of the payment issues we had last year. The registration site will allow you to register, buy extra shirts, sponsor, donate, etc. It seems to be working very well!

The website g8gone.com - G8/GTO/Holden Owners iNternational Event - 2012 has been up and running now for awhile. Zepcom now has the registration side of the operation running as well. Please go to http://register.g8gone.com/ to register for the event. Later today he hopes to have the link completed so you can register directly from the g8gone website.

It is now official, if you are coming, please register so we can get counts for shirts, tailgate party, etc. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you there!
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We are now up to 20 official registrations for G.O.N.E. 2012! Our list of states now includes 10 (CA, PA, IL, NJ, OK, WI, MI, CO, IA, & MO), and 1 Canadian Province (Manitoba). Please remember that the "Early Bird" registration discount will be ending at the end of July, and registration will then cost you an additional $10. Please get your registrations in to save yourself money, and to give us the ability to cover all the event expenses! Thank You!
I wanted to pop in with an update and a reminder about G.O.N.E. 2012 registration. As of June 30 we had 20 paid registrations (compared to 35 at the same point last year). We got a later start this year which accounts for part of this, so I am not too concerned yet. I hope that we will be be back on track or ahead of pace from last year, but that will require 22 registrations to come in in the next 27 days. I would like to remind everyone that the discount registration price ends on July 31, so if you are planning to come, it benefits you to get your registration in by the end of this month. The registrations are appreciated, because our biggest expenses (insurance policy, T-Shirts, and trophies) have to be paid in the next couple of months and it takes money to do that. Please help the cause, and help make G.O.N.E. 2012 the biggest and best yet!

Thank you!
I wanted to pop in and remind everyone that the "Early Bird" registration discount for G.O.N.E. ends on July 31, so if you are planning to come, you will save money by registering soon. Registrations continue to come in, and I am very optimistic that we will have even higher turnout this year than we did for the first two.
We are now up to 28 official registrations for G.O.N.E. 2012! Our list of states now includes 13 (CA, PA, IL, NJ, OK, WI, MI, CO, IA, MO, NC, MN, & OH), and 1 Canadian Province (Manitoba). We still have 7 days left for the "Early Bird" discounted registration. If you are coming, don't miss out of the discounted registration that ends July 31 at midnight!
Wow! We had alot of people register for the event right before the deadline! Thanks to this flurry of activity, we are back on track for registrations. Last year we were at 42 registrations by July 31 (with a longer registration period), and this year we are at 41, with representation from 14 states, (CA, PA, IL, NJ, OK, WI, MI, CO, IA, MO, NC, MN, OH, & TX) and 1 Canadian province (Manitoba). Last year we had a total of 61 people pre-register, and based on how many people have told me that they plan on coming, but need to wait until work schedules come out, till they get paid, etc, we should blow that out of the water. It helps that the event moved back about 10 days, which will allow for more time. Please keep the registrations coming! Things are looking great for G.O.N.E. 2012!
Well, we now have over 60 pre-registered cars, and over 100 people pre-registered. The event is this weekend, so if you are within a few hour drive of the Quad Cities come join in all the fun! You won't regret it. We have people driving well over 1000 miles each way to attend for the 3rd year in a row, and it's worth the trip!
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