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Future G8 owner... Help!

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Hey everyone! I was wondering if you guys could answer a few of my questions before I purchase a g8... I live in Chicago therefore it rains and snows a lot. I really reallly reallly want to get the g8 but i heard that it's really bad in the rain/snow.. any inputs!? I am going to be doing a lot of city driving and would love to avoid destroying a new car. I heard that it fishtails a lot and if there is any snow on the ground it won't move. Has anyone driven in these conditions? I lived in buffalo ny all my life so driving in the snow is natural to me but I also had 4wd. My boyfriend really does not want me to get this car because he thinks i'll basically crash in it.. but if it's so bad in the rain/snow no one would buy it right? I've tried looking at other cars but nothing compares and I am totally in love with the stryker blue. So basically do you think it's a good idea to drive it in chicago in the winter!?
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You are the only one who could answer that question. Use common sense while driving
in all weather conditions.

ps go for it.
If possible I would go with the 18" All Season Tires. If you get the 19" rims there are not that many great all season options. You could of course get the 19" rims with the Summer performance tires (which only last 10-15K miles) and get a second set of rims for the winter months.

With traction and stability control this should be a decent winter driving vehicle with some practice and common sense.
Syracuse, NY G8 Owner

I would say that, as long as you're careful with the throttle and have good tires(preferably snow), you'll be fine.

I have had my 08 G8 GT since late November and have driven 11,800 miles(not a typo) on Goodyear Eagle F1 All-Season 18s and haven't had any problem. Sure, it got a little loose once when I was still getting used to the throttle but the stability and traction control got it right under control again.
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