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I was blown away with the comparison article in one of this months car magazines comparing the Charger & G8. Personally after owning both, I feel that the article was a little biased towards the G8. However I will have to give this baby credit for having the best transmission I have ever driven. The sport mode is absolutely smokin. I enjoy straight line zoom as much as the next guy, but the brains that they put into the shift logic when the turns get aggressive, and the way the pavement zooms by is sheer genuis! I used to think that the best stock unmodified transmission was in an Infiniti G35, but the G8 is the new king. I have had the G8 for about a week, but here is the way that I see the Charger vs G8 comparison:

Comfort: Charger, the seats are slightly more supportive (but I am a big guy)

Electronics: Sorry, Charger has the best integrated Stereo, GPS, DVD, Blutooth of any car.

Stabilty Control: The Charger never quite lets go, when it is "off" it is not really off, just reduced. The G8 may give you too much freedom. I wish there was an intermediate setting. I recommend leaving it on for the first couple of months, it has a LOT of power, and very low polar moment of inertia (in other words with the summer tires it can swap ends really quick). You have been warned.

Handling: G8 all the way, the Charger feels numb in comparison.

Accelleration: G8 spanks the Charger, standing start, rolling start, every which way.

Braking: G8 is superior, although the Charger inspired confidence, I am having a problem adjusting to the anti lock vibration feedback through the pedal.

Ergonomics: I will have to call it a draw.

Storage: G8 trunk is bigger, but the Charger seats fold down, I put 46" LCD TV in the back of my Charger, G8 not so much.

Kid factor: Charger, kids loved the rear seat DVD, but I do like the seat belt adjusters for the kids in the G8 on the rear seats.

Shock and Awe: Every person on the planet had to walk up and tell me their Mopar story, the G8 is stealthier so far...

Aftermarket parts: G8 has a MUCH better more durable place to start, the Charger is built with a oveburdened tranny, and the bottom end of the engine is not sturdy enough for much more power, however tuners are abundant

The two dislikes I have right now are, the glovebox door is very flimsy, and the clear instrument cover produces what I consider a dangerous amount of glare. There are times when the sun is overhead that the speedometer is totally unreadable!

Am I happy with my purchase? 97%, but increasing daily!

My story, tell me yours...
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