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formal introduction

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So last time I was on here I got sorely owned for not formally introducing myself...so here we go...

I'm Kris Buckert, just moved to San Diego in Jan, 2009, bought a 2009.5 Stryker Blue G8 GT, Bluetooth, Sunroof. I worked with K&N for their development kit and had the first K&N kit produced on my car. I am also working with STS for one of the first single kits. Yes...I know that brings a lot of controversy, but the price was right for the kit...trust me!

I have done a few performance vehicles in the past and love the G8 :) I have been on the 'other' board for quite a while and just about have a auto-move/auto-close module developed for the 09.5 sunroofs!

I'm a engineer that moves about the country with my job and follow forums when I get bored, if I dont respond, its nothing personal...just other things going on.

Always remember...the peddle sucked itself to the floor & I am planning on taking it to the shop tomorrow officer:cool:
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