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Hey y'all.
I'm relatively new to the forums and I've been wanting a G8 for a LOOOONG time (as you may tell from my username) and was finally able to find one with all the options and color I wanted that wasn't too far away (only 5.5 hours). I'm loving it so far! I'm looking forward to the experience of owning this awesome car. Here's a pic and the details:

2009 G8 GT SBM, Sport Pkg, Luxury Pkg
I plan to swap out the wheels for something darker (even though the stockers look good), lower, exhaust, intake, brakes (maybe) and get the windows re-tinted to take off the goofy looking G8 GT emblems (no offense to anyone with goofy looking G8 GT emblems on their car). Maybe more, who knows...
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Nice! Glad you found a good one.

Iwant1 - I feel the same way! I've wanted a G8 for close to a year and a half, I just got one last weekend!! So congrats!! I'm jealous you got the GT, that's what I wanted, but I figured I didn't need the v8. I'd get into more trouble with it. ;-) If you plan on selling your rims in the future, let me know, I definitely want to look into the stock 19inch GT rims like what you have.

Gorgeous G8!! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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