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Engine Light ON!

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Every time I really get the car up to speed and drive it...the engine light goes on. I take it to the dealer and they clear the codes. They say, the message codes are meaningless. Has anyone had this happen?
Speeds I'm discussing are in excess of 100mph.

Thanks for any info or ideas you can provide.
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engine light

It turns out the gas cap was faulty. When I was running it at high speeds it wasn't an air tight system so the sensor would get set off.

Glad that it is fixed now. Where are you hitting 100+ MPH?
High speeds...where?

main highway, Rt. 1 in Delaware, with the help of friends....
we drive a five mile stretch of highway with cell phones on, turn around and race back with spotters at either end to warn of police...it works well.
you must have at least two spotters at each end of your stretch. :D
The check engine light turns on when the computer in your car thinks there's a problem with the emissions control system that could or is already impacting your car. The car's computer stores one or more diagnostic fault codes when the light turns on. Even if the light is turned off, these codes will remain in place. to reset the engine control module you can go with https://autovehicleparts.com/how-to-reset-engine-control-module/
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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