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The death of the Pontiac brand, and subsequently the G8 sports sedan, also marked the end of the rumored Pontiac G8 ST. The ST was said to be a version of the Holden Ute (above), and the spiritual successor to the famed El Camino.

According to several sources familiar with GM's product plans the automaker may still look to introduce the pickup car in the U.S., under the Chevy brand and using the El Camino name. The vehicle's future is, however, conditional and based on a larger RWD plan for GM – with continued rumors indicating a Holden RWD sedan will make it here eventually.

If GM moves ahead with plans to bring the Holden Ute to the U.S., look for it in 2014 as a 2015 model year car, or truck, or… whatever.

More: El Camino Rumored to Return as Part of GM's Larger RWD Plan on AutoGuide.com
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