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First I'd like to welcome all of our new members, good to see more people finding us. We appreciate all of you guys who are spreading the word!!

Now down to business.

Where: Dyno Tune Motorsports, Columbus Oh.
When: may 4th, 10am-finish
What: Any and all cars. any year, any make, any model
Price: 3 pulls, all the extras, $50 bones.

may 4th we will be having our 4th Annual Spring Dyno Day. Alot of you came last year, it was a blast!!!

We will be at the same location as the last one:

Dyno Tune Motorsports
311 OPM Companies Drive
Galloway, OH 43119

The cost will be the same as last year, 3 pulls, air/fuel, boost, ect for just $50!!! We will be starting pulls at 10am, and going untill whenever we get done. we have been there till 12-1am before.

There will be free food and drinks later in the evening. One thing i'm asking people to do is please reply to this thread and let me know the number of cars you will be bringing, and the number of ppl, including yourself. This is critical for food/ drinks obviously, so if you could, please post up that info!!!! This will be greatly appreciated!!!

Bring your cameras, and your horsepower, its gonna be an awesome time.
Hopefully we have good weather, and lets see some good numbers!!!!

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