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Displacement on Demand w/ a Magnacharger

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Does anyone have a Magnacharger blower on there and experiencing issues at freeway speeds with the DOD. It seems to take more throttle to overcome when accelerating, even slightly. It is not very seamless.

I'm wondering if there is a way to disconnect (reprogram computer to not go into that mode).

Thanks for the comments.

09 GT
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You paid to have a Magnacharger put on and dont know you can deactivate the DOD? Did you take it somewhere or do it yourself? Seems a little hard to believe a reputable place that installed a S/C didnt at least tune it and offer to turn off the DOD? Either way, there are more than enough topics about turning off the AFM or Drop on demand feature.
I purchased the car with the Magnacharger on it. It did not include the tuner. I guess I will contact Magnuson and have them send another tuner.

Thanks, I guess...
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