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Get your G8 geared up and ready for Spring!!

Using Diablosport's CMR tuning software, I am able to edit parameters available throughout the entire tune file and am not limited to just the parameters that you have available to you via the handheld Predator/Trinity interface.

Besides just getting your LTFT's dialed in, I also make adjustments to a wide variety of other different parameters that will gain you even better/quicker throttle response, acceleration, stronger/harder pull, and even better mileage, etc. - if you can keep your foot out of it HAHA!

Your PE fueling (for WOT) and spark advance (timing) tables will also be adjusted accordingly, based on log file data that you will need to provide to me.

By providing me with data logs, this ensures that the custom tune is tailored specifically for your vehicle setup/mods. Afterall, your car is as individual as you are... So why not tune it that way!

For all of the custom tune work and log analysis that's performed, I ask for a very reasonable fee of only $125 (USD). This will cover getting your full custom tune all dialed-in and finalized, as well as any future tune re-adjustments...

Here's info about the custom tuning:

DiabLew Tune - Custom Diablosport Predator and Trinity Tunes by 06MonteSS

there are links on there to all the info and programs you'll need - i.e. what files I need, how to export/import tune files, etc etc...

as well as a link to a small sample of just some of the "Testimonials" I've received from people I've done my tunes for - makes for good reading, hehe.


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