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Desert Madness Event in Phoenix on March 29

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for the enthusiast in the Phoenix area, this event is a must. There will be all kinds of events for you and all kinds of racing opportunites to play. Here is some info on the event for you to check out.

If you have your G8, drive it there, and I bet you will become an instant show!!


G.A.M.E. Rides - Home
Goins Automotive Group

Event Highlights

Car Show
Chrysler / G.A.M.E. / Pedders Hot Shoe Shoot Out
Drag Strip
Fun Runs on the Track for Special Children
Road Course

This is a major event for our South West Pedders Dealers. It isn’t cheap. In addition to the track rental, Pedders is supplying a complete LX Track II system for a Tempe SRT 8 Charger and flying in a hot shoe driver. We will run the OE Charger and a Pedderised Charger on the Road Course with drivers from Chrysler, G.A.M.E. and Pedders. Aside from bragging rights, it will establish benchmarks for the improved stability and predictability of a Pedderised LX. The intent of the event is not to be at the track. The intent is to sell complete LX and GTO system for installation at your shop. It is a highly directed sales event with high profile marketing partners.

Ed Medrano has been instrumental in getting this event on track and invited Pedders to the Chrysler party. Having a marketing partner like G.A.M.E. introduces Pedders to the ultimate bling LX owners who are as passionate about the look as they are about performance. We are pleased to have Ken as part of the Pedders TEAM. Now it is up to us to show Ken and Ed what Pedders brings to the table. Here are our next steps.

Pedders USA will post Dessert Madness Threads in multiple forums
Pedders USA will email the links to you for Your Supporting Posts
Seed / Link as many threads as possible to the Dessert Madness Threads
Pedders USA will post a Dessert Madness page on Pedders Suspension
G.A.M.E. will ship flyers to Haddad, Weins and Anthem and to you is you request them
Email your customer database the Dessert Madness Invitation and Hyperlinks
Prepare to participate with a Caravan from Your Dealership
Promote your Dessert Madness Pedders & Service Specials to drive business to your shop

The promotion is national is scope. The results will directly benefit three Dealers in the South West. This promotion will indirectly benefit every North American Pedders Dealers. We are asking Anthem, Weins and Haddad to make a major commitment in terms of time and money. We are asking every Pedders Dealer to support them and us in our Dessert Madness promotion. This Pedders promotion will succeed in direct proportion to your supporting marketing efforts. We will do this with Pedders Style – Work Hard, Make a Profit and Have Fun.

Peter G. Basica
President Pedders USA, LLC
9539 Lakeshore Drive
West Olive, MI 49460
O 1.248.522.8021
F 1.248.522.8165
M 1.616.834.8100

Pedders Suspension
Pedders Suspension - Straight advice, specialists you understand and... No Bull
[email protected]
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RPM Motorsports will be there with two of our Track Solstices.

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