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Costco Pricing and my Test Drive

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I drove a G8 GT last night, red with red and black leather. MSRP was 31,395.00 The dealer wanted 3000.00 over invoice. I went to Costco and was given the price of 500.00 below MSRP and I'm also eligible for 1000.00 GM loyalty rebate. Has anyone gotten a better deal? The Costco Dealer is going out of business at the end of the month and will have to trade to get a red one. They are about 35 miles away. I went to my local dealer who himmed and hawed about matching. We struck a deal to match if he can find a red one. What have all you new owners gotten for a deal? Be honest now.

By the way.....I gotta have that car. It was awesome!
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Have not made a deal yet myself. But I have seen prices anywhere from msrp to around $1000 off - then subtract loyalty cash which disappears 5/21, gm card earnings of normally up to $1000, and some players have received a 500 bonus offer on earnings. Unless you get supplier pricing or are somehow connected to a dealer $500 off to start is from what I have seen a good deal, especially if the dealer has to swap to get one. As example if you get 500 off, loyalty, and have a gm card earnings your price could be 31395-500-1000-1000-500=28395. Even w/o gmcard you are looking at 29895 if you act now and can take possession within two weeks.
Today my local dealer wasted my time by telling me he couldn't trade for one. The Costco Authorized Dealer called me back wanting to deal so I'm waiting for an email confirmation to lock in the price. They have a black one with same options as one a few miles down the street that is red. So it will be an easy swap.
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