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Backing up the last reports from a few months back, General Motors appears ready to bring back the only truly exciting product Pontiac had to offer, the G8. Now with Pontiac dead the car will be badged as a Chevy (likely wearing the Caprice name), but the important part is that it will be based on the rear-drive Holden Commodore platform, just like the G8 was.

The latest rumor comes from the LA Auto Show, where a senior engineer told an Australian outlet that the plan to bring back the rear-drive V8-powered sedan was under consideration for the retail market. It should be noted that currently GM offers the long wheelbase Holden Commodore-based Chevy Caprice as a Police-only vehicle in the U.S.

An unnamed source then reportedly commented that the car has been approved by GM's product planning folks.

With the platform already sold here in the past, federalizing the car wouldn't be difficult either. Now wouldn't a V8-powered 6-speed manual Chevy Caprice performance sedan be just the perfect car for the upcoming Detroit Auto Show?

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I just got back from the Cops West show in LA last week. Chevy will be importing the car as a Caprice! It is pretty much the same car as a G8 GT with a few minor changes. Mostly the front end and the center shifter will change. Also stabiliTrack was added and the frame was reinforced. I saw the car in person and it is a G8 for sure. I can not wait to start building some of these bad boys! They will make a great police car.

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