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Does anyone know of a shop, or has used a shop, close to, or near Northern California that dyno tunes? My car is in dire need of a tune as I'm sure any fairly stock G8 is. Also, with all of these aftermarket exhaust systems . . . be it Kooks Borla Corsa . . . how many (if any) are C.A.R.B. legal? Not that I care because my G8 will probably be blown up or sold by the time I need to smog it, but I'm just curious and since I'm here . . . Diablosport's Predator Tuner is probably the best and advanced on the market from what I've "read", but does anyone have one and what is up with that program where you can download custom tunes from Dyno shops. As it stands right now, I have a Roto-Fab intake, SLP Loudmouth axle back and JBA Shorty headers. I drive this car to work every day so I don't want to get too crazy with motor mods, but I was thinkin a KOOKS complete exhaust system to replace what I have as well as the Predator tuner. Any fairly simple and fairly cheap (less than $500) mods out there that might create significant horsepower gains?
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