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I'm posting today to inform everyone that Bring Pontiac Back! News, discussion, resources for helping return Pontiac to General Motors GM now has it's own forums. While it's in it's early stages the ultimate goal of this forum is to unite all Pontiac owners, supporters and lovers in one place as instead of just this forum or that forum. The vision is to bring all of us together at the BringPontiacBack.org Forums under one banner so we can organize ourselves and our clubs to take our fight to bring back our storied and beloved brand! I hope you will all visit and sign the petition, join the forum, and help us to Bring Pontiac Back! We are organizing now.....

http://www.bringpontiacback.org/ = Please help us in our fight to cure stupid!
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Hello people and fellow Pontiac owners,;)

I just wanted to stop by and see if anyone has visited the site and forums yet? We can't achieve our goal of getting our wonderful brand back with out you! Please swing by and sign the petition, post on the forum and participate.

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