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Bran new G8 GT

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Hey guys, I'm a former GM FWD guy owning both a 01 Grand Am GT then an 06 G6 GTP. The G6 was a huge Lemmon so GM bought it back from me after 2.5 years, and gave me an oustanding deal on a G8 GT.
I absolutely love this car and everything about it!

Some pics.

I've had dealings with Vector in the past so I plan on getting their Tune and Intake combo.
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Very nice at full spank Always looks good in black.
Man I can barely wait for the GXP. Only problem is wether to get it in black, red or silver.... Hmmm if only I could afford 3 hahaha.
Thats a bad @ss looking ride..

Congrats! Thanks for the photos of your new ride.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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