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Best Intake for G8 GT

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I have been doing some research for a cold air intake for my G8 GT and I am stuck between these two intakes which one do yal recommend, I have heard nothing bad about either of them.

Right now though I am leaning towards the New Era Intake and the other one is the Roto-Fab Intake.

In the research that I have done the New Era Intake will produce way more horsepower but i am kind of sceptical that those vents on the hood will not get any water in the intake while it is raining.

What do yal think?

Also I know that there is the Magnaflow exhaust system out and in my view it is extremely over priced. I was thinking of make the G8 GT exhaust system into a X-Pipe with costum tubing and changing the mufflers to Twister Performance Exhaust Mufflers and keep the stock tips and everything else to keep it as a sleeper.

Any suggestions or input on that plan? Please let me know


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I had this same thought. I would like to wait a see what K&N comes out with or JLT. I am not in a rush to mess around with her yet.
The Vararam system is hard to beat.

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So where do you get such a devise? Looks interesting.
What did that intake set you back? It looks very good!
yeah nice intake, what is the hp gain on it and price?
Vara-Ram is most excellent. I have the Roto-Fab and love it!
I have the Roto-Fab with the vector tuning and it runs great!
I contacted Flowmaster and they told me that they would not be putting anything into motion (such as R&D) due to the unkown of Pontiac's future.
Check out Harrop.com.au for some of the best info on the Australian Performance parts for the Commodore / G8...also..redbackexhaust.com.au they have the best sounding hi performance exhaust system on the market...with the exchange rate against the Aussie $$$ it could be worth importing the parts from Down Under...Just a Thought.
for all those interested in the Vararam intake I did find it on ebay and it is rather cheap for what you would think:

Vararam Intake
Has anybody had any experience with a "Kooks" exhaust. Saw one on Youtube last night and it sounds awsome!

Also does the aftermarket intake disable your cylinder deactivation?
Has anyone installed the Vararam or the New-Era OTR on their car? Both are radiator front mount intakes but I am looking at what is going to bring in the most air and of course add the most power.

Has anybody had any experience with a "Kooks" exhaust. Saw one on Youtube last night and it sounds awsome!

Also does the aftermarket intake disable your cylinder deactivation?

I had the Kooks X-pipe system installed on my 1967 GTO with the "lower-volume" exhaust. It sounds great.

Just bought a new G8 GXP, but have not messed with it.

I have the Kooks rear mufflers only and it sounds great.
when is k&N coming out with theres i just bought one and started looking at mods
this one is affordable, doesn't require a mafless tune, does indeed make a difference, and under acceleration....... sounds EXCELLENT!! :D

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no one is really shouting out a definite CAI that is the be all must get... so i hear about the vara, roto, and K&N... in a comparison which is the best to get?? and also can you open the vents on the hood or is there a kit for this, and will water get to the intake from this
Testing has proven Vararam makes the most HP and gets better gas mileage as well. Track testing shows at least .1 better then other OTRs and a minimum of 1 mph too.
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