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BADNWS - 2007 WM Caprice (Chev)

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Hey All,

Im From Australia, Dont have a G8 but you guys have a lot of great ideas with engine mods and what not, and since our cars pretty much are the same with the engines, i thought i may aswell post some pics.

Let me know what you think.


6L Gen IV V8 puts out 329kw
X-Force 4 into 1: 1”5/8 primary , 2.5” secondary
x-Force Stainless Steel dual 2.5” cat back system
Pedders Sports rider Strut Tower brace
22 inch Stamford SSW Phantom Rims,
Tyres 245/30/22
VCM OTR CAI & Custom Tune.
Chrome side mirrors

Mods to come;

Possibly a cam
Big brake upgrade (if i can get it cheap in Aus they are $4,000)
Going to customize my engine cover, & several other things under the hood.
25% undrive pulley
Lower the car front & back (slammed)
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Font Handwriting Rectangle Technology Pattern

Motor vehicle Font Automotive exterior Rectangle Emblem

Vehicle registration plate Car Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting
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Welcome and congrats! All the mods you speak of have and can be done. Good luck with them all!
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