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Anyone have alignment issues on your GT?

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I just got a new 09 GT and it had about 900 miles on it when i bought it. I love the car but it seems to drift to the left even on flat roads. I took it to the dealer and they put it up in the rack and the alignment was out. So they did a 4 wheel on it and its now within specs but it still seems to drift to the left with just me in the car. With others in the car it tracks straight. I talked to the service manager at another gm dealer and he has had some instances of G8's having this issue. He said that since they are strapped down so tight on the boats and while they are in transit from "down under" that it takes them a while to loosen up and that eventually they will correct themselves and drive straight. Anyone else have any problems like this? I will post some pics of the car soon...its a White Hot GT with red/ebony leather interior. 18 all season tires.
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If you value your G8 GT then you must pedderize it. I had your problems until I pedderized. Replace all the OEM bushings and get a 4 wheel cradle alignment at a local authorized pedderized dealer...end of problems guaranteed.
If it makes you feel any better mine G8 pulls to the right, and I have had it back three times. The official statement from General Motors is that the roads are "Crowned" which causes the car to normally pull to the right.

The car will pull right at any speed! On the highway now after three alignments and "adjusters" inserted on the last warranty visit will change lanes in four seconds by itself..

Yeah had the same problem but it only happens when the car was at a low
speed limit. Took it to the dealer the did the alignment and I took it out and now after putting 10,000 miles it still pulls to the left.
I am now on my 3rd dealer alignment and it still pulls right at any speed. I am now into a Lemon Law Case. Also vibration in the shifter, seat and steering wheel when cruising.
I bought a new 2009 G8...drove off lot...drove back 2 days later for 4 wheel alignment...heard tie-down boat story...couldn't get steering wheel strainght after 3 attempts...4th finally strainght...had to get new alignement now steering wheel not straight again...3 attempts...still same...really really hate this problem...anyone experience same problem (oh yes had the drifty bit too, but got that dialed out)
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