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Another newbie

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I was pretty much raised on Buicks and have always been a GM guy. I have also always liked Pontiacs, but I REALLY don't like front-wheel drive. I thought the Toronado was "neat" when it came out in '66, and was fascinated by the first generation of GM X-cars in 1980. But after owning a 1980 Skylark Sport, my interest in FWD quickly waned.

I visited Australia in 2002 and was fascinated by their "native" cars, like the Holden Commodore and the Ford Falcon. I was finally able to get an '08 G8 used in February of 2012.

I think it has every option that was available, but do not have the window sticker, though I would love to know how to get one. Does anyone know how to get one? PHS can't help with a car that new.

One interesting note is that I have pretty much converted it into a Commodore SV6.

I have several more questions, but let's start with getting that window sticker.


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