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Another new guy from Tucson

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My name is Lemorris and I am part of Team Ahwooga.

My daily duties include doing graphic design for the site as well as for customer stores and banners. I also build html tables for customer listings and things like that.

I do some code modification on the backend of the site and I am also the guy who produces the videos you see on the site.

If you sign up for the site you will know doubt here from me as I'm the welcome people guy and I am one of the front line of support people. If you have any issues or if you need any help with your graphics or listings, you can call me or email me and I'll be all over it.

About me:

I was born in Tucson, Arizona and raised in Anchorage, Alaska....I know, right?

Lets see...College in Missouri, art school in Tucson, Navy in San Diego, unused bowflex in my parents garage.

In my spare time I enjoy automotive illustration and tinkering with my 58 vw euro rag daily driver.

I think that's it for now...I will hop in and share stuff as I can.

Thanks for having us.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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