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After Market Navigation Options

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I am considering a GXP and really want an integrated navigation system. I've checked around and been told that an integration kit is currently unavailable for the 2009 G8 and there is no confirmed plan to offer one.

What have 2009 G8 owners done for nav? Would I be stuck with a Garman mounted to my windshield? Also, does anyone have experience with On-Star's turn-by-turn, traffic updates? Is this service just as good?
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I am not a big fan of nav systems. On the 2 vehicles I bought in the past 14 months, the G8 didn't come with it, and I chose NOT to get it in my Expedition.

The turn by turn worked well. I used it once or twice during the free trial period. The talking comes thru the cars audio system and turns down the music so you can hear the vioce. I would not pay $10/month for this service. Just my .02
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