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650/650 LS

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Built by the great guys at The Hot Rod Company of Green Acres, Washington
New Texas Speed LS 5.3L HD block, lightened by 31 pounds, stroked to 6.3 L
balanced and blueprinted, CNC heads, Texas Speed cam, Racetech pistons, Custom Steel crank, Forged connecting rods Trick Flow hydraulic rollers
Oven Baked / Shottabrated / Jet Washed & Magnifluxed (Completely Cleaned & Checked For Cracks) 
Cylinders Bored (WITH TORQUE PLATE) & Finished Computer Honed To Within .0001'' Straightness & Roundness 
Align Honed Main Bearing Bores/Saddles 
Square Decked Parallel To Crankshaft 

Balanced & Blueprinted 
VCM OTR cold air, full OEM exhaust w/cast iron exhaust manifolds. Tuner said it was the quietest car they ever dyno'd.
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