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2010 National G8 Meet

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Alright folks, noone else was willing to do anything about organizing one of these, and we need it! So I am taking the bull by the horns. I will try to post a link to the site below.


The dates will be August 19-22 in the Quad Cities region of IL/IA. Details are still being ironed out, and will be posted on the site as they are made official. Hope to see many of you there!
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Plans are still coming along for this event. I hope based on the number of views of this thread that plenty of you plan to attend!
*** NEWS FLASH ***

You can call to reserve a room now! Call 1-800-843-4753, and give them group code IPG0819 (if you have problems with that number try 1-563-359-7280 and ask for group reservations). That will get you a single or double occupancy room (either single king or double queen) at $109 per night. Triple occupancy is $119 per night, and max of quadruple occupancy is $129 per night. That is really cheap if you go in with 3 friends, at a really nice facility! They have their East Parking Lot allocated for us between 8:00 am and 11:30 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so we will have our own designated parking area. They have Isle Center Salons B & C reserved for our Sunday awards presentation, raffle drawings, food etc. This is still an area that we will need to nail down once we know the number of attendees. The 2 rooms cost $500 to rent, but 1 of them is only $250. We also have to give them a $500 deposit that will be applied to Sunday's Brunch charges. That means the costs have gone up a bit, but this will be done right. Since this is a first time event, I didn't feel it is reasonable to ask for an advance registration fee, but I can't cover all these costs out of pocket. If you are willing to contribute in any amount, drop me a PM, and I will get you details. If we get 100 people who donate $10, we should be fine. I don't intend to make a penny of profit here, but I can't afford to "foot the bill" myself. I plan to contact our site vendors to solicit sponsorships, donations, etc as well. Having some of them show up with their goods will be awesome! You will have potentially over 100 G8 owners there, and if we know you will be there, we can preorder parts from you!

I am still trying to get ahold of the SCCA folks down there, and have been unsuccessful. I may call my contact back for different people to call. If we can't do autocross, I plan to arrange a group cruise.

More details to follow!
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I wanted to bump this to the top to remind folks about this as they plan their summers out. We are approaching 100 people registered, and I hope to see that grow. I hope to meet many of you there!
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