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2009 G8 GXP; New Member

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Just picked up a Panther Black G8 GXP... sunroof option and of course the manual transmission option! I've found love once again... :) Pics can be seen here... 2009 Panther Black G8 GXP; Addition to my garage - LS1TECH
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Congratulations on the coolest new ride.

Give us your impressions....

Really look forward to hearing about the GXP

awesome car.

Best of luck with it.

Congrats on a great car i am looking at buying one after the new year.Can't wait to hear what you think about it.
The G8 GXP is a great car. The chassis is fantastic, the transmission shifts nicely, the clutch is very liveable, and the LS3 doesn't hurt the cause either. The suspension is maybe a tad on the soft side for such a performance sedan, but it only makes the overall car feel more refined. The interior is still GM, but it's nicer than my GTO and it comes with XM & a sunroof. Anyone on the fence should take the plunge. The price is negotiable and it's still a fantastic value.
Went to dealerships in NJ not yet available still 2 weeks away. Can't wait.
Can't wait to test drive one of the new GxPs.

I bet its a blast.

Probably going to be one of the all time best sports sedans out for under 40 g's..

Let us know how your enjoying it.

I am regretting my purchase of a G8 GXP. I bought the car in late April, it had a little of 200 miles on. Almost immediately, the clutch pedal would occasionally stay on the floor and was burning up the clutch. The dealer called GM and was told that they have had that issue before in a couple of other cars and replacing the clutch would solve the problem. The dealer could not replace the clutch at that time because they had to get a clutch kit in. A few weeks later, the clutch kit came in and I took the car back to the dealer. When they took the transmission and clutch out of the car, guess what, the clutch slave cylinder was leaking. Sure, we all have a warranty. But, it is useless if dealers can't get parts.
What has been the result as of now?

Car back in one piece?
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