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2009 G8 GT factory complaints of mine

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The gas filler neck is loose. (seemingly missing a part that holds it in place)

The dome light flickers bright and dim while engine running and goes very dim when engine is shut off, headlights and dash lights don't flicker at all. (probably a poor ground in the dome light circuit)

Driver's seat motor runs like it's binding up or too weak for the job.

Passenger seat material loose, appears to be held down with velcro and will fix when pressed down on but won't stay fixed.

Have a lerking tire pressure monitor system recall that needs tended to. Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with mine except the pressure is off by 3 pounds too much each tire. (according to my tire gauge) but how accurate is the gauge !!

No mechanical, drivetrain or ride problems to report other than the ESP issue today. Weird that I wasn't hotrodding or doing a burnout when that problem occurred. I'm hoping it will just be a computer reset thing.

Anyone have any answers to my issues or just want to complain about yours feel free to reply. I'd be curious to know other's problems and opinions.
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Took to dealer and found that the loose filler neck is normal. Says it's held by rubber grommet and some movement is normal. ESP problem seemingly fixed itself before I took it to dealer, not sure what that was all about but it's ok now.
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