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Hi everyone! I just wanted to share what a great experience I had with my recent purchase of some wheels from ModBargains. More specifically with Alan, who has helped me from start to finish with finding the right offsets to have a clean look, finding hub rings that fit, and in general just knowing what he is talking about for my application. He does a great job with details and following up to make sure everything works out. Will definitely be purchasing future upgrades through him (CAI, Catback etc), as he was spot on correct with everything we handled and thus far I couldn't be more satisfied with everything, during and after purchase. Great guy to do business with!

So to Alan and everyone at ModBargains, keep up the great work and Thank You! Fast and safe (double boxed, padded, sheeted AND bagged) shipping, accurate information, quality product, great service!

[email protected]

For those curious -
Wheels: 19" VMR VB3 CSL's in Silver. Front: 8.5 ET40 Rear: 9.5 ET45
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport AS+. Front: 245/40-19 Rear: 275/35-19

No rubbing :) What do you guys think? --Sorry, dropbox links are being mean to me >>

Clicky for images!
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