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08 having some front suspension issues.

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I've got an orange v6, 2008 model year. I've been hearing a clunking noise in the right front. At first, only when hitting abrupt bumps. Its progressively worse and often clunks during normal road conditions. In the last 3 days now, it creaks in the right front. If you sit at idle and crank the wheel back and forth, its very obvious where its coming from. Another guy I know has a 2008 model and bought it brand new, had the entire front end rebuilt after 3,000 miles. I've got 25,000 on mine already, but still...its kind of a bad gut feeling of what else might go wrong. I LOVE this car very much, its so fun and it feels awesome underneath me. But just a heads up...they ordered a lower control arm for the right front due to slop they found, but this was before the obvious noise I've heard the past couple days. So I will contact my dealer tomorrow and have it looked at and I will post what I find out on here when I can.
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